I am sorry ,I can't speak English. Then I write a short description in this page.


Handle Name while my guitar
Birthday May,1957
Home Hadano-City Kanagawa Japan
Hobby Golf,Music,Jogging

I was born in Tokyo and lived in Jiyuugaoka till 13 years old. Then I lived in Tama-
Plaza till graduation of university. Now I am living in Hadano since 1993.
There are a few mountains called Tanzawa near my house. I began to climb these moutains
last year. In this year I am going to climb sevral mountains.


I can't play any sound tool and I can't read the music score, but I like music very much.
My wife has graduated from the music university and she plays the piano.
I think I will be taught to play the piano, when I am retired.(^^)

When I was in junior-high school, I was interested in Beatles in 1971.
I could not listen to their music in real time, because they didn't exist as Beatles.
When I listened to the music of Beatles, I knew the existence of Eric Clapton.
"I shot the sheriff" wss the first song that I listened on the radio in high-school days.
The album that I bought at first was "No Reason To Cry". Since then, I collected his
all albums in the a few years. On December 4th 1979 I went to his concert at
Nihon-Budokan for the first time. Especially I like his blues guitar play which gives
emotional message at live performance.

Eric Clapton and Beatles are my treasures in my life.


I sometimes play the golf in course about seven or eight times in a year.
I feel happy whenI can shot the ball in the blue sky as I wish. In these years my average
score is little less than 100. I think I must train more.
Although I think it is a shame for me, I am going to introduce my round episode.
About twenty years ago, I drove tee shot which I guessed the distance was 250 yards
at 18th hole in Sobu-country-club. At the second shot I shot with 7th iron. Then I saw
the ball flying forward to the green. But I could not see the drop position because the
green was higher than the position where I shot. As I found the ball in the cup,
I got "
albatross" at the long hole.